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Fresh Biz

Game-based learning that produces instant mindset and behaviour change.

a. FreshBiz is a unique learning experience that gets people at all levels of the business discovering, practicing and embodying creative new methods of entrepreneurial thinking.

b. After just one 3-hour working session, every team member will come away with powerful and lasting insights that improve teamwork, problem solving, opportunity-spotting, resource optimization and much more.

c. Plus, they’ll have fun, get to know each other better and build stronger relationships as they play.


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Paradigm Shift is a unique game-based training company

It helps organizations develop the skills of the future; using the power of games and rich immersive experiences. It is our mission to make it easy for business leaders to deliver breakthrough results in profits, people, planet, progress and playfulness, for a more well-rounded and sustainable definition of business success.

1000 + People Joined

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Next level skills for successful teams.

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Learning tools to engage all generations.

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Train your managers to think like entrepreneurs.

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Unlock the power of game-based learning.

Want your teams to learn to overcome challenges while having fun?


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