Paradigm Shift is a unique game-based training company which help organizations develop the skills of the future; using the power of games and rich immersive experiences. It is our mission to make it easy for business leaders to deliver breakthrough results in profits, people, planet, progress and playfulness, for a more well-rounded and sustainable definition of business success.

We are based in Mumbai India, yet, we provide management consulting for growing businesses across India, and occasionally around the world. We have focused knowledge, experience and strength in supporting organizations and not-for-profit.

Our clients are small to large corporation businesses


We are committed to creating a positive impact for their clients, staff, community and the planet. Every organization needs their key business leaders to step up, to act not just in the best interests of their department, but to drive business results for the organization. We accelerate the process of turning these managers into effective leaders who together make up a high performing leadership team.


Our clients are (or aspire to be) leaders and innovators in their fields. And so, they are dealing with challenges of creativity, change, individual, team and organizational productivity, effectiveness, leadership, teamwork, driving business results, accountability & innovation.

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Which includes Teamwork, Proactivity, Hyper Collaboration, Creativity, Network Thinking, Problem Solving, Creating Opportunities, Next level Leadership, Self-Expression & more.

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